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Whether you need to rehome your dog, or are hoping to adopt a dog near you, Dog Adoptions Central will help with experience, knowledge and compassion. Get in touch with us today!

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Finding Good Homes For Great Dogs and Great Dogs For Loving Homes

Our team of adoption professionals works hard to make sure that each dog owner and each adopter are carefully screened to ensure safety and peace of mind – and to ensure each dog’s welfare and well-being.

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Our dog supplies store offers everything frompremium dog food and treats, to top notch accessories like cozy dog beds, electronic dog monitors and dog health supplements.Dog lover gifts, too!

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Choose the best dog breed for your family!

From small dog breeds to extra large, our dog breeds information section will help you decide on the best breeds of dog for your family.  


Small Dog Breeds

Pug Dog to Illustrate Small Dog BreedsSmall dogs are very popular. They are adorable and take up almost no space. Is a small breed dog the right choice for you?

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Designer Dogs

Goldendoodle Designer DogDesigner dogs are awesome and very popular. If you are hoping to adopt a designer dog or puppy, we’ll help you choose the right breed of designer dog for you.

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Large Breed Dogs

Weimaraner a large dog breedIf you are a fan of bigger dogs, our section about large breed dogs will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right breed of large pooch.

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Hypoallergenic Dogs

Standard Poodle a Hypoallergenic dog breedGot pet allergies? If you suffer from allergies to pets, you may want to consider adopting a hypoallergenic dog. Our section on allergy friendly dog breeds can help. 

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*Need To Rehome Your Dog or Puppy?

Our team of creative, compassionate and dedicated dog lovers have Ninja level skills in Online Marketing, Web Page Design, Video Production and knowledge about all different breeds of dogs.We will help you decide on what to look for in your dog’s forever home, and then we will find that home, all while keeping your contact information in confidence.Only the successful adoptive family will get to know who you are.

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