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Tramadol For Dogs

Tramadol is a pain medication that is used in both people and animals. Tramadol for dogs is used to alleviate pain from surgery, cancer or injury. It is a very effective pet medication for pain, and can help your dog stay comfortable as he is healing from surgery or an injury – or undergoing treatment for cancer.

Tramadol acts in two ways. It reduces pain signals in the brain, and it tends to reduce any anxiety your dog may have associated with his injury, wound or disability. Tramadol is a good choice for dogs in whom using anti-inflammatory (pet meds to reduce swelling) would cause damage.

Some common side effects of Tramadol for dogs include constipation, stomach upset, and a slower heart rate. The dosage of Tramadol must be carefully given, since too much of this drug can cause serious problems including strange behavior and seizures. Dogs with liver and kidney problems may not be good candidates for the use of Tramadol – something you and your veterinarian must determine.

Tramadol for dogs comes in many forms and strengths, including pill, powder, capsule and liquid form. Since this dog medicine is distasteful to dogs, it’s usually mixed with food.

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