Boxer Puppy Photos

Boxer Appearance

The Boxer has a powerful, well-muscled body with a shiny coat that snugly fits the body. The jaw is square-muzzled with a powerful bite; the lower jaw extends beyond the upper. The Boxer’s hearing is keen making them excellent guard dogs. The coat of the Boxer is fawn or brindle with a white underbelly and white on the front feet or all four feet.

“Flashy” Boxers have white fur reaching up to the neck or face. “Plain” Boxers have white fur on their toes or a small splash of white fur on the chest. Fawn covers a range of colors from yellow or beige to various shades of red. Brindle is a tiger-like stripe of black against a fawn background. Some brindle Boxers have more black than fawn in the stripes and are called “reverse brindle.” So-called “white” boxers actually have a base coat of fawn or brindle with excessive white markings.

AKC standards do not allow for more than one-third of the Boxer’s coat to be white for show. White Boxers are not allowed in AKC show dog competitions but you will often find them in obedience and agility trials. Boxers do not carry a gene for solid black coat color and no purebred Boxer will be black. Boxers intended for the show ring were once required to have docked tail and ears, but in 2005 AKC standards changed to allow a description of undocked ears.

The first registered Boxer AKC championship was awarded in 1915. In 1949 Bang Away was awarded Best in Show at Westminster and went on to win 121 show awards in a six-year period. Bang Away became famous and appeared on the front of many popular magazines including Life and Esquire. The Boxer became very popular in the US due to his success and is still one of the ten most popular breeds of dog.