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Rat Terrier Dog Breeders in GeorgiaResponsible Rat Terrier Dog Breeders in Georgia

We at Southern Sands Kennels Rat Terriers have been breeding and showing the remarkable Rat Terrier for almost 2 decades now. We are absolutely dedicated to the preservation and betterment of this versatile American breed! First and foremost, our Rat Terriers are members of our family.

All of our Rat Terriers are AKC-FSS and UKC registered. We show in UKC competition events for the fellowship of the sport, for the advancement of this breed and to eventually put a championship title on every one of our Rat Terriers. All of our Rat Terriers are also CHIC certified with OFA (including a normal PLL clearance) for proof of their exceptional health. Our males are DNA profiled with both AKC and UKC as well. We are proudly licensed by the State of Georgia and AKC inspected.

Rat Terrier Puppies For Sale in Georgia

Rat Terrier Puppy For Sale in GA

Lisa Sands
Glennville, Georgia
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We ship within the USA and Canada.

Our Rat Terrier Puppy Breeding Program

Extreme care and forethought regarding the health, temperament and conformation of the resulting offspring is put into every breeding that we carry out. BEFORE BEING BRED, each of our Rat Terriers are thoroughly checked by any number of our veterinarians: Byron Steve Lynn, DVM (Reidsville, GA), Kibbie Ringer, DVM (Reidsville, GA), James N. Deal, DVM (Glennville, GA), and Jim Hobby, DVM (Dublin, GA).

Rat Terrier Puppies For Sale in GeorgiaA meticulous examination including the heart, respiratory system, digestive system, genitourinary system, musculoskeletal system, coat, eyes, ears, elbows, hips and patellas is performed to verify complete soundness. All vaccinations, wormings and healthcare are kept strictly up to date.

Tails are docked according to the breed standard, and dewclaws are removed. The pedigrees of our Rat Terriers are vast, and they contain many prestigeous bloodlines from across the country. They include such lines as San Fermine, Diamond Valley, Fire Mountain, Irish Glyn and Decker, to name a few. . .though our own, the Sands line, predominates in most of them. A comprehensive pedigree is supplied with each of our Rat Terriers as well as a written health guarantee, a thorough health record and a little red “goodie bag” of many complimentary items, too (super-premium kibble, first toy, pet supply catalogue, etc.).

Our puppies are born indoors and provided with every creature comfort including heat and A/C. From the day of birth, we carefully socialize every individual puppy that we produce with lots of love, cuddling, stimulating play and positive reinforcement according to their Developmental Stages. We implement the “Developing High Achievers” (a.k.a. “Bio Sensor” or “ENS ‘Super Dog'”) Program during their first weeks of life. These gentle exercises enhance the development of a self-confident, accepting nature and a more resilient condition in our puppies by facilitating their coping mechanisms from an early age.

Once our puppies are old enough to be up and on their feet, we start their surface training. These simple exercises involve letting them play on numerous surfaces such as grass, wood, concrete, hay, sand, water, etc. This enriches their capacity to learn new things. And then the great adventure begins!

Our puppies meet different people and get to know other dogs (big and small) as well as cats. They get to romp indoors and outdoors and visit new places. They enjoy playing with various types of fun toys every day. They are exposed to many different household sounds including music and power equipment. They occasionally stand up on a grooming table for pictures and for stacking practice. They get their nails trimmed, and they receive their first baths.

They start learning basic puppy boundaries like what is and isn’t okay to chew on, etc. They are litterbox trained. They spend short periods of time in a travel crate to begin crate training. They go for rides in the car (sometimes visiting the vet’s office, depending on their age and needs). And their favorite. . .they go for daily rides either on an ATV or in a little red wagon pulled slowly behind an ATV!

Loads of loving care and positive socialization are key to a good start, and we are proud to provide it.

Thank you for stopping by, and feel free to contact us with any questions!

~Lisa Sands
Southern Sands Kennels Rat Terriers

Thank you for your interest in our Rat Terrier puppies for sale in Georgia. We hope to hear from you soon!