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The Northern, Nordic and Spitz breeds are truly representatives of the most beautiful dogs in the world. Their elegance commands attention, their stature commands respect and their appearance is breathtaking. Simply looking into their eyes reveals a vibrant intellect and spirited life-force that is as enduring as nature itself. This is the story of how Northern Breeds branched away from their wild ancestors and forged a lasting bond with mankind. The most fascinating part of the story is the fact that the breeds of dogs in the world today are descended from original genome of the primitive Northern Breeds by becoming trusted partners that specialized in helping mankind survive by herding, hunting, pulling sleds, guarding and providing companionship. The development of the primitive Northern Breeds was more than thirty thousand years in the making. They held the keys to not only surviving, but adapting to continual change and in so doing, established the master imprint and the genetic survival kit that became the tame domesticated dog. Today’s modern dog breeds owe their existence to the noble and capable Northern Breed dogs who bridged the gap between a harsh and solitary life in the wild and applying their talents to provide service to mankind. The way we relate to our dogs is framed by the dogs we’ve encountered and held close in our past. And our character is shaped by many defining moments in our past and it is tendered by love and our hopes, dreams and aspirations. We are also shaped by our ancestors and the genetics we inherited from them. Similar principles hold true for dogs. We cannot fully comprehend the true nature of the dogs we love until we understand their spirit, their nature and their character, which is woven from the very same fabric and genetics of the Northern Breeds. We never realized how many varieties were locked away inside of their genome until we brought them into our homes and our hearts. This book is an essential guide that helps us understand the ancestral journey our dogs have made as well as providing the keys to unlock, understand appreciate their true nature. The dog genome map and inheritance patterns have provided corrections and additions to the historical story started by archaeology. The inheritance of health strengths and weaknesses provides a glimpse into the future of dog breeding. Also woven into the saga are many age old mysteries such as, “What does Spitz mean?” and “Where did certain behaviors (or instincts) come from?” and “Did dogs descend directly from the Wolf?” and “Is there a gene for white color?” and “Where did Toy size dogs come from?” and more are explored and explained.

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