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The Bulldog Handbook is the biggest, most up-to-date and in-depth book on the breed. There is nothing else with so much practical info and so many tips specifically for Bulldog owners.

There are more than 200 breeds registered with the Kennel Clubs and all are different – but there is something extra special about the Bulldog. Line up 100 non-dog lovers, show them a variety of breeds and everyone would instantly recognise the Bulldog. The distinguished, wrinkled head and powerful body are unmistakable.

And what other dog has three names – Bulldog, English Bulldog & British Bulldog? Not to mention Bully and Sourmug. Nothing could be further from the truth with these last two; despite his rugged exterior, the Bulldog is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. He is gentle and placid, loves children and being part of the family; he makes you laugh and is extremely affectionate.

But there is a price to pay for owning one of these rewarding dogs with the giant personality. More than any other breed, the Bulldog requires a special kind of owner – one prepared to give him the extra care and attention he needs for a happy life. Bulldogs aren’t like other dogs; they have certain sensitivities, predispositions, and specialized needs. They can have health issues and be expensive to keep, so anyone thinking of owning one should do so with their eyes wide open.

If you have got or are thinking of getting one of these striking dogs, then this is the only reference book you will ever need – and it makes a great gift for any Bulldog fan.

This large 236-page manual is full of invaluable insight on how to pick a good breeder & choose a healthy Bulldog with a good temperament, then how to care for, feed & train him. It separates fact from fiction, helps explain your dog’s behaviour & needs, & guides you through the pitfalls and highlights of Bulldog ownership. Journalist & specialist canine author Linda Whitwam has written the book in an easy-to-read style suitable for anybody aged 10 to 100. The Handbook provides answers to many frequently-asked questions from owners, including:

  • How to pick the right breeder & puppy – and the ones to avoid
  • Bulldog temperament, typical traits & behaviour
  • Bringing home a new puppy
  • Housetraining for a house & apartment
  • Crate training
  • Basic obedience training – and how NOT to do it with a Bulldog
  • Bulldog history & breed standard
  • What type of food to feed, how much, how often and all about a raw diet
  • How much exercise and how long you can leave a Bulldog alone
  • Grooming & personal care
  • Whether & when to spay or neuter
  • Bulldog allergies and skin conditions
  • Where to find a rescue Bulldog & what adoption involves

It’s packed full of tips you won’t find elsewhere, like:

  • 12 Tips for Choosing a Healthy Bulldog Puppy
  • 14 Tips for Training your Bulldog
  • 16 Bulldog Feeding Tips
  • 14 Tips to Avoid Separation Anxiety
  • 14 Tips to prevent a Bulldog Overheating

The Handbook covers Bulldog health issues & how to tell if all is not well. You might not know it, but your dog CAN talk to you. A change in behaviour or habits can be a sign of something amiss. Learn to spot:

  • The 13 Signs of a Healthy Bulldog
  • The 5 Vital Signs of Illness

Recognising ill health early & taking swift action can improve your Bulldog’s chances of a good outcome. If you’re lucky, you can even prevent a chronic condition & save a fortune in long-term vet bills.

There’s feeding charts for puppies, adults & seniors, info on behaviour & character traits, true stories & a Bulldog quiz.

Too many Bullies end up in rescue centres or living short lives. Choosing the right one & knowing how to properly care for him is the best way of ensuring many years of joy with this handsome, lovable & extremely rewarding breed.

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