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“Believing that our animals come to us in order to help us heal or accept our aid in their own healing, Billups shows how mirroring traumas and hidden harmful behaviors can lead to an understanding of how such issues can hold all creatures back from reaching their full potential and living a life of compassion and self-worth. . . . do yourself and your animals a favor by reading Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions with an open mind and receptive heart. You might just find your life changed for the better.”, SALLY ROSENTHAL, Best Friends magazine

“A powerfully insightful book. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions teaches you how to connect with animals in ways you’d never thought were possible. An enlightening read.”, JENNIFER SKIFF, author of God Stories and The Divinity of Dogs

“Tammy Billups teaches us that we aren’t in it alone. The powerful connection we have with our animals can fulfill them and us in ways we never knew. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions helps us all make that realization in a wonderfully engaging read that will encourage everyone to learn the unspoken signals of their furry friends in order to nourish a deeper and meaningful animal-human relationship.”, Mike Bettes, meteorologist at the Weather Channel

“Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions gives us a comprehensive avenue to help connect with our animals at a deep level. Tammy’s true stories with her heart-centered presentation easily explain animals’ roles in our lives. She offers simple solutions to turn things around through self-discovery and the unconditional love we share with our animal companions. If you have concerns about your animal or just love them dearly, this is a must-read!”, Carol Komitor, founder of Healing Touch for Animals®

“Tammy calls us to examine our all-too-human extremes of mistreatment and neglect of animals versus our codependent and overattentive neediness with our animal companions to find a healthier higher ground. She gently yet firmly teaches us to look for the divine purpose and deeper meaning in all our predicaments with our animals as reflections of ourselves. Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions is an essential read for all animal lovers, whether you are on the front lines of animal activism or quietly living with animal beloveds. It will open you, empower you, deepen you, and work magic on your own soul.”, Anyaa T. McAndrew, M.A., L.P.C., N.C.C., transpersonal shamanic psychotherapist

Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions gives the reader a more conscious understanding of the relationship between humans and their pets. This book shows how animals mirror our own lives and emotions and gift us endless blessings that many times we completely miss. By understanding how we are in relationship with our pets, we can more quickly help them to feel better. My wish is for all people to have exposure to the vast knowledge and teachings of Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions for their own healing and the wellbeing of their pets. Thanks, Tammy, for sharing your knowledge, guidance, and gifts with us!”, Gigi Graves, founder and executive director of Our Pal’s Place, Inc.

“Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions’ ultimate message is one of greater spiritual consciousness and personal evolution. By recognizing that our beloved pets are in our lives because we call to them, and vice versa, we can expedite our growth as well as that of our pets.”, Paul Chen, Natural Awakenings magazine

“Pet lovers know there is a unique connection between human and pet. It’s only when we go deeper into animal and human psychology that we see just how unique that connection truly is. Animal healer Tammy Billups takes us beyond the fur–the obvious affection for our pets–and shows us our connection is heart to heart and soul to soul. Written in an easy, entertaining, and enlightening style, Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions dives deep with real life anecdotes to illuminate behavioral patterns and how they were successfully overcome. . . . a must-read for any animal lover who wishes to deepen the connection with their pet and discover and heal behavioral issues for a happy and healthy home.”, Don Reed Simmons, visionary business consultant and shamanic teacher and practitioner

“Billups, founder of the Sundance Healing Center, presents practical advice on how to develop a deeper connection with pets in this cheerful book. Written in uncomplicated, inspiring language, Billups’s fun book will be appreciated by pet owners with a spiritual bent.”, Publisher’s Weekly

About the Author

Tammy Billups is a transformational soul healer and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. She’s a sought after holistic healer, the creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, and a Certified Interface Therapist. She has appeared on CNN’s The Daily Share, Primetime Live ABC, and Oprah. She lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

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