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The American Kennel Club’s Meet the Shih Tzu is the AKC’s first official publication on this popular companion breed, published in conjunction with the American Shih Tzu and I-5 Press. Meet the Shih Tzu presents accurate, authoritative information on all aspects of purchasing and owning this elegant Toy breed. All titles in the American Kennel Club’s Meet the Breed series are heavily illustrated with color images of well-bred puppies and beautiful adults, making the books as attractive as they are reliable. Meet the Shih Tzu contains eleven detailed chapters devoted to the breed’s history, characteristics, and the special requirements for owning this active and fully coated Toy. A chapter devoted to the purchase and selection of the Shih Tzu puppy gives the reader specific guidance on how to locate a qualified breeder and to recognize a healthy, sound puppy. Individual chapters on house-training and basic obedience serve as a crash course in positive-training techniques, the AKC’s only recommended way of training dogs. Chapters on exercise, grooming, feeding, and healthcare present indispensable information for new dog owners. As an official publication of the AKC, Meet the Shih Tzu also explains the many vital programs offered by the country’s leading canine organization to all pet dog owners, including the S.T.A.R. Puppy and the Canine Good Citizen programs, as well as descriptions of various dog sports such as conformation showing, agility, herding, obedience and more. A detailed resources section offers recommendations for websites, books, periodicals, and club affiliate programs, all of great interest to responsible new dog owners.

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