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Owners who enjoy the company of this lively, alert little animal must also be willing to spend many hours combing and grooming the Shih Tzu’s long, thick coat. Titles in this growing series are written especially for owners who have just acquired a pedigreed pup, as well as for prospective owners trying to decide on which breed to choose. Each book gives an in-depth presentation of the special needs and traits of a specific dog breed. Which are best with kids? Which make good working farm dogs? Which are good hunters? Is the breed ideal for an owner who merely wants a companionable house pet? Living with a Pet books give readers a detailed understanding of the title breed’s daily needs, special abilities, physical and personality traits, susceptibility to health problems, and the steps owners should take to ensure a happy relationship with dogs of all breeds. These hardcover and dust-jacketed volumes are filled with unusually attractive full-color photos and interesting sidebar features.

Now Comes with Bonus DVD at No Added Cost!
The brand-new hour-long dog training instruction program is specially designed to help dog owners who have little or no experience in obedience training.

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