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Sashaying down the runway, the designer dogs have entered the new century with panache and style. No longer the taboo pups of a lost generation of Doodles, today’s Labradoodles rank among America’s most fashionable companion dogs. Who can deny the allure and near perfection of this designer dog, the cross between the world’s two favorite companion dogs, the Poodle and the Labrador Retriever? The Labradoodle possesses the superior intelligence of the Poodle and the unbeatable athleticism of the Labrador Retriever; further he boasts the personality, good looks and hypoallergenic coat of his Poodle parent and the friendly disposition and desire to please of his Labrador parent. An Australian creation from the 1960s, the Labradoodle was designed to serve mankind as a Seeing Eye dog, though his many virtues and appealing temperament have drawn him into the homes of countless pet dog owners around the world. Now in its fifth decade, this Doodle is finally receiving his due with the first major publication devoted exclusively to him and his many colorful virtues. This new Designer Dog Series™ edition on the Labradoodle benefits from the expertise of author and professional dog trainer Miriam Fields-Babineau and the color images of world-renowned dog photographer Mary Bloom. The book covers all aspects of selecting, caring and training the Labradoodle and much more.

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