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Panosteitis in Dogs

Panosteitis in dogs is the subject of this dog health article. We discuss the cause, symptoms and treatment of Panosteitis (Pano) in dogs.

What is Panosteitis in Dogs?

Panosteitis in Dogs (Pano) – is a bone health problem that can occur during the puppy’s first year.

Pano in dogs occurs when the bones develop faster than the soft tissue around them, which could cause inflammation. A lump will appear on one or more of the legs and disappears once the dog is a year old.

How to Prevent Panosteitis in Dogs

The way to prevent pano in dogs is to properly feed your puppy: there are premium puppy foods designed especially for large breed puppies that have a low level of calcium (responsible for fast bone growth).

Additional Online Resources About Panosteitis in Dogs

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