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Beagle Training Tips

Are Beagles Easy to Train?

If you are challenged with the task of training a Beagle, be ready to put your patience to the test. Fun-loving and stubborn as a bull, most Beagles simply can’t be bothered with learning tricks and such mundane tasks as lay down and roll over.

Lay down? Yeah-right!  Only after he’s finished making the cat run for cover and making sure there isn’t a bird traipsing about in his back yard. If you want to train a Beagle, chances are it will all come down to a battle of wits.

In order to train one of these rebels, you will want to use a technique known as “positive reinforcement.” This means that, rather than scolding your dog when he does something you don’t like, you simply ignore him and, when he does something that you want, you reward him with a treat and lots of excitement, happiness, and praise.

Making a big production of the desired behavior encourages your Beagle to continue doing this action in hopes of getting more goodies and attention.

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