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Shih-Tzu For Adoption in Arcadia, CA

Shih Tzu For Adoption By Owner in Arcadia, CA

by Deborah Moore

Arcadia, CA – 11/20/2019

Brownie the Shih Tzu needs a new home. He is located in Arcadia, California. Learn all about this adorable small dog and offer to adopt him today.

Meet Brownie the Shih Tzu

Brownie’s owners had always hoped they could provide a loving, forever home for their precious Dog – but life’s circumstances had other plans for them.

“very busy at work, most of the time will not be home. I love him very much I raised him ever since when he was only 3 weeks old. However he needs a loving family who have lots of free time to takes care of him.”

Brownie is a 4 and half year old Male Shitzu Dog.

Particulars about Brownie include:

Color: brown and white
Size: 11-12 pounds
Vaccinated: Yes
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Good With Cats: Unknown
Good With Dogs: Yes
Health Issues: Yes

When asked to describe Brownie’s personality, JIA JIA stated; “Brownie is a very mellow dog. He is very shy and quiet, but once he gets to know a person more familiar, he will become really active and playful. He is actually very smart, but likes to play dumb all the time…”.

When asked to share a heartwarming memory of life with Brownie , JIA JIA stated: “There was once, when I’m ready to head out of my house. He kinda knew that I was gonna head out and he just seat there waiting and look at me with his big round eyes. By the time when I lock the door and I saw him sit in font of glass door, go in in front of window curtain like he doesn’t want me to leave.awwwww…. and he always lay on my knee while I’m driving trying to gets a lot of attention, I know thats very dangerous, but cute. =)”.

Brownie’s owner, JIA JIA, is heartbroken to have to make this very difficult decision, but is hopeful that a great new home can be found where all of Brownie’s needs will be met.

Brownie’s perfect new home would offer; “Shitzu it’s a breed that needs a lot of attention. I am looking for someone who can spend lots of time with him from daily bases or able to bring him out to play during the weekends. And Prefer Senior family, needs to have a lot of patient with him, because he need party train.”. Brownie is very fond of Any type of fluffy toys he will love it, his not picky at all.

he likes all the treats, doesn’t matter which brand. but he doesn’t like sweet..

How to Adopt Brownie the Shih Tzu in Arcadia, CA

To adopt Brownie, the first step is to submit a meeting request. Brownies owner will then call you to answer any questions, and arrange for you to meet this delightful small breed dog.

Brownie will be rehomed with supplies. There is a $75 adoption/rehoming fee.

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Dog Influenza Epidemic May Be in Store

Dog With The FluA canine form of influenza that has caused illness in numerous dogs in Illinois is reported to be spreading throughout the midwestern USA, according to Dr. Jose Arce of the American Veterinary Medical Association. The virus, thought to have originated in Chicago, IL, has already spread to 12 surrounding states.

The H3N2 flu can cause serious illness in some dogs, while others will experience mild to moderate upper respiratory symptoms. Veterinarians can now diagnose this dog flu using a test offered by IDEXX industries, where, according to Tracie Hotchner, most diagnostic testing and research on canine diseases is performed.

How is Canine Influenza Spread?

Just like with human influenza viruses, the dog flu can be deadly for vulnerable pets. If your pet is very young, very old, has a health condition such as cancer or other immune-affecting disorder, the dog flu can make them very ill or even cause death.

How is Canine Influenza Treated?

If diagnosed early, supportive health care can help, but the best measure is to prevent your pet from contracting this very contagious disease. If you have a young puppy, older dog or dog with health issues, avoid coming into contact with other dogs in large numbers. Dog parks, boarding kennels, doggie daycare centers and even veterinary clinics are potentially hazardous locations for vulnerable pets.

Pet owners should watch their dogs for symptoms such as unusual tiredness (lethargy), cough, excessive panting, vomiting and diarrhea, irritability and lack of appetite. A visit to your veterinarian is essential for any dog showing flu symptoms, since early health care measures can prevent the development of secondary infections and pneumonia.

Dogs with flu should be kept away from other dogs, and be provided with a safe, quiet and comfortable area in which to recover. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times, and they should be supervised carefully for signs of worsening illness.

If you work with dogs, take care to protect your own pet at home by washing your hands frequently and changing clothes on returning home.

You can learn more about Canine Influenza at:

Debbie Moore – Dogs and Puppies Central

3 New Dog Breeds Added to AKC Roster

New York, NY

The American Kennel Club recently announced the addition of three new purebred dog breeds to the list the organization recognizes. These include the Berger Picard, Miniature American Shepherd and the Italian Lagotto Romagnolo.

While it is unlikely you will encounter these rare breeds on a visit to your local dog park, one might catch a glimpse of them competing in the AKC’s annual Westminster Dog Show.

The Miniature American Shepherd is a small herding breed similar to the very popular Australian Shepherd, originating in the United States. The Berger Picard, a French native, is an amicable, medium sized herding dog often seen on farms. The final addition, the Lagotto Romagnolo, is a very unique and rare breed of Italian origin. It’s role, in addition to being a sporting dog, has been to hunt for truffles, a rare and quite expensive delicacy.

More than 180 purebred dog breeds are currently recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Deborah Moore, Dogs Central

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