Summer Dog Care Tips

Cool Dog Care Tips for a Hot Summer

Ahhh those hot, humid, lazy days of summer! You’ve stocked up on sunscreen, Popsicles, bottled water, a new bathing suit or two… now what did you forget? Your dog! Many people don’t realize that dogs need special care during the summer months just like we do, and Dogs Central would like to offer the following …

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Dog Safety Tips

Tips To Help Keep Your Dog or Puppy Safe, Happy and Healthy! Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for thousands of years. Since dogs watch over their owners, it’s only right that dog-loving humans keep their pets safe in return. And now, dogs need our extra attention more than ever. With a little thought, you …

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Litter Training A Dog

Dog Litter Box Training

Our dog litter training tips and information can help you get your dog started using a litter box. Article features info & product recommendations.