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Looking for information about Large Dog Breeds? From Labrador Retrievers to German Shepherds, Dobeman Pinschers to Golden Retrievers, Dog Adoptions Central offers accurate and informative details on all of the most popular big dog breeds in the USA and Canada.

Learn all about each large dog breed, including a general profile, history, appearance, personality traits, health issues, care concerns such as nutrition, exercise, grooming and training. Each profile from our list of large dog breeds will help you decide on the right breed of dog to choose for your family.

Large Dog Breeds Listed From A to Z

Weimaraner Dogs

Weimaraner Dogs

To the untrained eye, the Weimaraner is wrapped in silvery velvet. His lustrous coat and dignified expression hint at his noble lineage. The Weimaraner is a recent breed from strictly guarded German stock. He was bred for a life of undiluted comfort, both while working as a hunter dog and while relaxing in the comfort of his owner's home. Since his arrival in North America in the early 1900's the Weimaraner has made a name for himself as an affectionate and energetic breed. His popularity as a companion dog continues to grow in North America and throughout Europe.
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