Jack Russell Terrier Puppy From Dukes Legacy JRT in Honey Grove TX

Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers

Learn all about the popular small terrier dog breed known as the Jack Russell Terrier. Find a wealth of information about the breed, including the appearance, size, color, personality, exercise, care and grooming needs.

Decide if the Jack Russell Terrier is the right breed of dog for you, and find reputable local dog breeders offering JRT pupoies for sale. We also showcase Jack Russell Terrier dogs and puppies for adoption by owner, as well as rescue organizations and clubs.

All About Rat Terrier Dogs and Puppies

The Rat Terrier is a dog of early immigrants who made their way into America. Designed as a capable farm or ranch dog, his purpose was to protect the property from the rats and other vermin that plagued the farms during those days and this was a job which he performed wholeheartedly. For a time, the Rat Terrier declined in numbers but recent years has seen a resurgence of the breed, this time as a capable and affectionate little companion animal.

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Irish Setter Dog Breed Photo

Irish Setter Dog Breed Information

All About Irish Setter Dogs and Puppies

Are you looking for a large, exuberant dog that will bring a lot of love and endless energy into your home? If so, an Irish Setter might be the perfect choice for you. In addition to being among the most strikingly beautiful of all breeds of dog, Irish Setters can make terrific pets for active families of all sizes.

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Beautiful Weimaraner Dog Photo

Weimaraner Dogs

All About Weimaraner Dogs and Puppies

To the untrained eye, the Weimaraner is wrapped in silvery velvet. His lustrous coat and dignified expression hint at his noble lineage. The Weimaraner is a recent breed from strictly guarded German stock. He was bred for a life of undiluted comfort, both while working as a hunter dog and while relaxing in the comfort of his owner’s home.

Since his arrival in North America in the early 1900’s the Weimaraner has made a name for himself as an affectionate and energetic breed. His popularity as a companion dog continues to grow in North America and throughout Europe.

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