Dog Breeds Information

Dog Breeds Information

There are so many different types of unique puppy dog breeds. Our complete a-z list of breeds of dogs, includes types of dogs and puppies, puppy dog breeds with pictures and more.

We’ve included the name of almost every dog breed available in the USA and Canada.

Sizes of Dog Breeds

Photo illustrating dog breeds of all sizes giant to teacup

All Different Breeds of Dog With Pictures

Our dog breeds information resource offers detailed profiles of all different breeds of dogs with pictures.

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Saint Bernard Dogs

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Saint Bernard DogSaint Bernards Dog Breed Information Guide – All About Saint Bernards

The Saint Bernard is one of the world’s most massive breeds and his girth is matched only by his affection. For centuries the Saint Bernard has been renowned for his skills as a rescue dog. Brandy cask aside, the Saint Bernard was a welcomed sight to many-a-stranded Alpine traveler.

The Saint Bernard found a second, more leisurely life in America as a beloved family pet. Docile and comical, the Saint can happily drool away the day. He is patient around children and keen to please. All in all, the Saint Bernard is a lovable, amiable giant dog breed. Continue reading

Cane Corso Adoptions Central – Adopt A Cane Corso

Thinking of adopting a Cane Corso dog or puppy? Our Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) dog breed information guide will help you in making a decision about whether the Cane Corso dog breed is right for you and your family.

Our guide offers a wealth of information about this extra large dog breed. Learn about the history, appearance, personality, temperament, health issues, training, grooming, care, feeding and keeping of one of these unique giant breed dogs. Continue reading

Rat Terriers

Rat Terrier Dog Photo

Rat Terriers

Learn all about the popular small terrier dog breed known as the Rat Terrier. Find a wealth of information about the breed, including the appearance, size, color, personality, exercise, care and grooming needs.

Decide if the Rat Terrier is the right breed of dog for you, and find reputable local Rat Terrier dog breeders offering Rat Terrier puppies for sale. We also showcase Rat Terriers for adoption by owner, as well as Rat Terrier rescue organizations and clubs.

All About Rat Terrier Dogs and Puppies

The Rat Terrier is a dog of early immigrants who made their way into America. Designed as a capable farm or ranch dog, his purpose was to protect the property from the rats and other vermin that plagued the farms during those days and this was a job which he performed wholeheartedly. For a time, the Rat Terrier declined in numbers but recent years has seen a resurgence of the breed, this time as a capable and affectionate little companion animal.

Continue reading

Collie Dog Breed Information Guide

All About Collie Dogs and Puppies

Thanks to the famously serendipitous Lassie, the Collie is probably the best known breed in North America. The Collie sports a lustrous sable coat that dances in the wind, and an alert, intelligent expression that is universally loved.

The Collie was bred as a herding dog and his love of chasing all that moves remains today. Collies are an elegant and loyal breed that gives as much affection as he receives. There is a certain glamour that is inextricably tried to the Collie, a sense of awe and admiration is common with onlookers. Famously intelligent, and fashionably groomed, the Collie is by all accounts, a star!

Continue reading

Australian Cattle Dog Breed Information Guide

Dog BreedsMedium Sized Dog BreedsAustralian Cattle Dog Breed

All About Australian Cattle Dogs and Puppies

Gutsy and smart, the Australian Cattle Dog, with its unusual speckled or mottled coat, is a breed with many devotees. The breed originated in the 19th century when collies were crossed with dingoes to create a quiet and willing cattle-herding dog.

Continue reading

Australian Shepherd

All About Australian Shepherd Dogs and Puppies

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Known as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in the world, the Australian Shepherd is a wonderful and seemingly tireless companion. Bred for the task of tending unruly sheep, these beautiful canines require athletic humans to keep up with their fast-paced lifestyles.

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