Sable Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Health Problems

Pomeranian Health Problems, Issues, Concerns & Symptoms Pomeranian health problems are many. Pomeranians can be prone to a number of hereditary health issues and conditions. That is why choosing a responsible breeder from which to purchase your Pomeranian puppy is very important. Responsible Pomeranian breeders …

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Bernese Mountain Dog Health

Bernese Mountain Dog Health Issues Some common health concerns for your Bernese Mountain Dog include; CHD, elbow dysphasia, mast cell tumour, gastric torsion, cataracts, entopion, ectropion, SAS, hypomyelination, allergies, hepatocerebellar degeneration, hypothyroidism, PRA. Note: The Bernese Mountain Dog is intolerant to heat and is very …

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Boxer Dog Health Problems

Common Boxer Dog Health Problems, Issues and Concerns Like with all purebred dog breeds there are several  Boxer dog health problems that can occur. It’s important to know about these Boxer health issues if you are considering adding a Boxer puppy to your family. Or …

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