Beagle Dog Breeders

Finding a Reputable Beagle Breeder Near You

Find a reputable local puppy breeder on our Beagle Dog Breeder Directory.

Choosing the right Beagle breeder is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your quest for the perfect Beagle puppy. There are many dog breeders out there – some are highly responsible – others not so much.

We recommend the following criteria be used when choosing a responsible Beagle breeder:

  • Breeding only health screened, AKC registered parents, or health screened generational Cockapoos with AKC registered, health screened lineage.
  • Breeds for health and temperament.
  • Is knowledgeable and truthful about their dogs and puppies, and does not make exaggerated claims as to the non-shedding or hypoallergenic traits of the breed.
  • Offers advice and assistance with housetraining, puppy care, nutrition, etc.
  • Places puppies only with carefully screened owners with a good potential for providing a loving, forever home.
  • Puts the welfare of her dogs and puppies before profit.
  • Is committed to her dogs and puppies for life, and will provide advice and support after you take your puppy home.
  • Can provide you with plenty of references from past puppy buyers, veterinary references, etc.

Beagle Dog Breeders List

  • Amante Beagles– Kennel information, show news, and photographs. Texas.
  • AWOL Beagles– Kennel information and litter announcements. San Diego, California.
  • Beagles Of Caulderwood Beagles– Photographs, kennel overview, and links. Tennessee.
  • Chain Gang Kennels Beagles– Hunting and field trial dogs. News, photographs, litter announcements, and links. Rockwall, Texas.
  • Copper Rose Beagles– Pictures and descriptions of their dogs, breeding plans, and an overview of the breeder. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  • Dismal Creek Beagles– Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Casa Grande, Arizona.
  • DJs Wolverine Beagles– Information on hunting and litter announcements. Missouri.
  • Double Trouble Beagles– Offers an overview of the kennel with photographs. Southeastern Minnesota.
  • FoxTail Beagles– Information about the breed, show results, breeding plans, photographs, and links. Mukilteo, Washington.
  • Goff’s Temple-Hill Beagles– Producing hunting dogs in Bude, Mississippi. Pictures, pedigrees, and kennel goals.
  • In Motion Beagles– Tips on kennel set up, how to go about buying a puppy or adult dog, links, and photographs of the hounds in the field. Indiana.
  • Irish Coffey Beagles– Breed and kennel information, photographs, and stories about their dogs. Texas.
  • Laneline Beagles– Raises dogs for hunting. Contains history, photos, pedigrees, and links.
  • Lokavi Beagles– Kennel information with show pictures. Hialeah, Florida.
  • Miller Outdoors Beagles– Photographs and descriptions of their hunting dogs as well as litter announcements. Rochester, New Hampshire.
  • New Jersey Beagles– Breeder message, litter announcements, and contracts.
  • Pine Crest Beagles– Producing dogs for the hunt, field trials, or companions. Kennel information with photographs. Fort Edward, New York.
  • Rising Moon Kennel Beagles– Breeding hunting dogs. Photographs, pedigrees, and links. Ravenna, Ohio.
  • River Bottom Beagles– Producing dogs for pets and show. Pictures of their kennel, photograph gallery, and news. Litchfield, Minnesota.
  • Roserun Beagles– News, champions list, photographs, litter announcements, and information on dogs for sale. Potosi, Wisconsin.
  • Roylcrest Beagles– Features kennel history, show results and photos. Colbert, Washington.
  • Starbuck Torbay Beagles– Show news, photographs, and pedigrees. Brush Prairie, Washington.
  • Strongbow Beagles– Breeding for the dual-purpose dog. Photographs, pedigrees, stories, and show news.
  • Tesoros Beagles– Kennel information with show pictures. Glen Rose, Texas.
  • TwainHeart Beagles– Raising dogs for the home and the show ring. Kennel history and photographs. Washington.
  • Willwood Beagles– Kennel information with show pictures. Texas.
  • Windkist Beagles– Breeding for conformation, temperament, and health. Photographs, pedigrees, and show results. Ogden, Utah.