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Two Black and Tan Doberman Pinschers

2 Beautiful Black and Tan Doberman Pinschers

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Learn all about the popular large dog breed known as the Doberman Pinscher or Dobie. Find a wealth of information about the breed, including the appearance, size, color, personality, exercise, care and grooming needs.

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Doberman Pinscher History

Doberman Pinscher Apparently, tax collecting in 19th century Germany was thankless task. Louis Dobermann, whose job as tax solicitor found it not only thankless, but downright dangerous.

So, Herr Dobermann went about creating a dog that could accompany him on his rounds.

Ideally, Dobermann wanted a sleek and muscular dog that was highly trainable and alert. He chose as progenitors, a German Shepherd and a German Pinscher and later added the Black and Tan Manchester Terrier, the Greyhound and the Weimaraner. The result of these efforts is the widely recognizable Doberman Pinscher. By 1899, the Doberman Pincher was well established and the first breed club was formed.

Photo of a Doberman PinscherThe first Dobermans to arrive in America attracted many fanciers. Soon, the elegant Doberman Pinscher was finding use as guard dogs throughout America and the world. With his protection ability eclipsing his other attributes, the Doberman soon had a reputation as fearless family protector.

With his soaring popularity, came the Doberman’s first foray in the show ring. There, the Doberman Pinscher’s chiseled good looks and confident demeanor vaulted his profile as a show dog. The Doberman’s popularity continued to grow and at its peak in 1977, the Doberman Pincher was the second most popular breed in America.