Cool Dog Care Tips for a Hot Summer

Summer Dog Care TipsAhhh those hot, humid, lazy days of summer! You’ve stocked up on sunscreen, Popsicles, bottled water, a new bathing suit or two… now what did you forget? Your dog! Many people don’t realize that dogs need special care during the summer months just like we do, and Dogs Central would like to offer the following dog summer safety tips to help ensure that your dog has a cool summer:

General Dog Summer Safety Tips

Car Safety: Never leave your dog unattended in direct sunlight or in a closed vehicle – even for a few moments. This can cause heatstroke and possibly death. The best place for your dog on a hot day is in the shade in your back yard with a great big bowl of fresh water to drink.

Exercise Safety: Avoid strenuous activities, like jogging, with your dog during extremely hot periods of the day. Plan your running for the early morning or evening hours when the temperatures cool. Both you and your dog will have a much better time.

Garden Safety: Be careful of what you leave around when you’re planting your flowers or tending to the lawn. Many lawn and garden products contain chemicals that can be harmful, or even fatal to your dog if swallowed. Keep any toxic substances well above snout level where you dog can’t reach them, and be sure to wait at least 24 hours after any chemical application (ie. pesticides, weed killers and fertilizers) to let your dog out on the lawn.

Watch out for bugs! Not only do they bug you – they can also bug your dog. Dogs can be allergic to bee and wasp stings, mosquito bites as well as other insect bites, so be sure to have a first aid kit on hand that has Benadryl, an antihistamine, in it. If your dog does sustain a severe insect bite, be sure to take him to the vet immediately.

Hydration: Make sure there is always a source of fresh, cool water available for your dog to drink. Imagine wearing a fur coat on summer’s hottest days and not being able to take it off! A bit warm, perhaps? Make sure your dog has a cool spot to rest in the shade or indoors with the air conditioner or fan on when the summer sun blazes with plenty of water to drink.

Identification: It can be great fun to take your dog on summer vacation – but that fun can easily be turned into tragedy if your dog should go missing in unfamiliar territory. Make sure that your dog has an up-to-date ID tag on his collar so that you can be contacted if he should go missing. One excellent pet ID tag is Pet Angel ID Tags, which features a 24 hour answering service to help reunite lost pets with their owners.

Beach Summer Safety For Dogs:

Taking a swim in the ocean or lake is a great way for dogs to cool off in hot weather, but be sure to check with the lifeguard about water conditions first. Dogs make wonderful targets for jellyfish, sea lice and other interesting creatures.

Watch out for sunburn! Those harmful UV rays can burn your dog’s nose and ears. Apply sunblock 30 minutes before going outside, and reapply if your dog takes a swim. Limit your dog’s exposure to the sun, too.

Take care of tender tootsies! Your dog’s feet will burn if he spends too much time on hot sand or sidewalks. Imagine going without your sandals on a hot day…. Ouch!

Don’t let your dog drink sea water. Cool ocean water is a tempting treat for a hot dog on a scorching day. Make sure he has plenty of cool, fresh water to drink at all times.

Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog. If you follow these dog summer safety tips, both you and your pet will have a happy, healthy summer.