Boxer Appearance

The Boxer has a powerful, well-muscled body with a shiny coat that snugly fits the body. The jaw is square-muzzled with a powerful bite; the lower jaw extends beyond the upper. The Boxer’s hearing is keen making them excellent guard dogs. The coat of the Boxer is fawn or brindle with a white underbelly and …

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Boxer History

Boxer History

The modern Boxer has evolved from two breeds of extinct European dogs. The larger Danziger Bullenbeiser and the Brabenter Bullenbeiser were both used as a hunting companions and assistants. These dogs were used to chase after prey, take them down and await the hunter’s arrival. In the 1830’s the boxer was put to work in …

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Boxer Dog Breed Picture

Boxer Dogs

All About Boxer Dogs and Puppies

The Boxer is an energetic, fun loving dog whose ancestors are German mastiff-type dogs, the Bullenbeiszer and Barenbeiszer. The dogs were bred indiscriminately. Over time, the Bullenbeiszer became smaller and was called the Brabanter. These strong and agile dogs were used by the elite for hunting wild boar, deer and bear. The dogs’ ears were cropped to avoid being injured by the game animals. Their strong jaws enabled them to seize and hold the prey for the hunter, while his recessed nose allowed him to breathe.

In about 1830 the Brabanter was bred with the English Bulldog ancestor. These dogs were white in color and often used by cattle dealers to round up livestock. Because of their ability to learn tricks easily, and their clownish nature, they were also popular circus dogs.

By the early 1900’s the Boxer was well established in North America and was soon recognized by the American Kennel Club. Since that time, the handsome Boxer has grown steadily in popularity to become one of the most widely adopted pets in America.

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