Bichon Frise Health Problems

Bichon Frise Dog Breed Health Problems, Concerns Issues and Symptoms

Bichon Frise health problems are not a major issue. Bichons are generally a healthy, long lived breed of dog. They have relatively few health issues, especially compared to other purebred dog breeds.

The breeder from which you choose to purchase your Bichon puppy will be very important to the health of your new companion. As with any popular purebred breed of dog, there are reputable breeders who breed for the health, well-being and longevity of their dogs and puppies. On the other and, there are other sources of purebred puppies that can be a very bad choice. It’s up to you to learn the difference, and be very careful in selecting the right breeder from which to buy a Bichon Frise puppy.

Make sure you buy your Bichon puppy from a responsible Bichon Frise breeder who health screens and breeds only the best to the best. This will help make sure that your Bichon lives a long, happy and healthy life with you and your family.

Common Bichon Frise health problems are:

Skin Allergies
Dental Problems (Gingivitis and Early Tooth Loss)

Both of these Bichon Frise health problems can be easily prevented or helped with regular grooming and proper care.

Rarely occurring Bichon Frise health problems are:

*Bladder infections and stones
*Orthopedic (patellar luxation, Legg-Calve Perthes, disk degeneration)
*Eye diseases (cataracts, glaucoma, dry eye)
*Cardiac Problems
*Cancers (no one type in particular)
*Metabolic diseases (Cushings, diabetes, pancreatic)
*Disease of the liver and spleen
*Ear (infections, deafness)

A responsible breeder will be well educated about common Bichon Frise health issues . They will health screen her dogs. They will  follow a carefully selective breeding program where only healthy, disease free dogs are bred. Choose your breeder carefully and you have a much better chance of buying a puppy that is free of Bichon Frise health problems.

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