Pitbull For Adoption in Miami

Pitbull Mix Dog For Adoption in North Miami Beach Florida

Rocco the Pitbull mix has been waiting for his forever family for a long time. “He has been at the Humane Society of Greater Miami for over 3 years and deserves a home of his own.”

The staff of the Humane Society love Rocco to bits, and they are really hoping to find this sweet and loving boy the home he deserves.

Weimaraner Dog Facts

Weimaraner Facts

WEIMARANER DOG BREED FACTS Country of Origin: Germany Size: All are mid-sized to large. Height: 25 – 27 inches (male) 23 – 25 inches (female) Weight 55 – 90 pounds (male and female) Color: Mouse Gray Weimaraner Silver Gray Weimaraner Exercise Needs: Demanding Grooming Demands: Minimal Life Expectancy: 10 -13 years Good With Children: Best …

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Beagle Exercise Needs

Beagle Exercise Needs

How Much Activity Does a Beagle Need? This short informational page will tell you all about Beagle exercise needs.

Beagle Rescue

Beagle Rescues List

Thinking of adopting a Beagle dog or puppy from a rescue organization? Our list of Beagle rescues can help you find the right rescue from which to adopt.

Beagle Training Tips

Beagle Training Tips

Are Beagles easy to train? Learn some Beagle training tips and find videos and resources on training your dog.

Beagle Health Issues Photo

Beagle Health Issues

Are Beagles a Healthy Breed of Dog? Learn about health issues in the Beagle dog breed.

Beagle History Photo

Beagle History

The History and Origins of Beagles

Like so many other dogs, the history of the Beagle has been obscured by the hands of time, leaving many to speculate and guess as to the origins of this magnificent canine. Records of keen sight and scent hounds have been found to predate even the Roman Empire and it is believed that the wonderful little Beagle may have dated as far back or, at the very least, is descended from these noble dogs.

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