Boxer Dog Health Problems

Common Boxer Dog Health Problems, Issues and Concerns Like with all purebred dog breeds there are several  Boxer dog health problems that can occur. It’s important to know about these Boxer health issues if you are considering adding a Boxer puppy to your family. Or maybe you already are the proud owner of a Boxer …

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Dog Joint Health

Dog joint health is a growing concern. Just as we humans experience all kinds of aches and pains as we age, so do our canine counterparts.  And different breeds of dogs tend to suffer more than others, whether due to hereditary factors, activity levels or as a side effect of other disorders, the health of …

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Senior Dog Health

Older Dog Health Problems Your dog has trouble getting up; he can’t make it as far on your every night walks; his face has become peppered with white hairs. As much as you wish it weren’t so, your dog is aging. But how do we ensure our dog’s health, comfort and happiness once they’ve reached …

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Dog Dental Health

Dental Care For Dogs – Keeping Your Dogs Teeth Healthy Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth – Basic Dog Tooth and Gum Care and More It’s a little known fact that your dog’s tooth care is critical to his health and longevity. It’s important that his gums and teeth be clean and free of tartar and plaque. …

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Dog Health Insurance

Pet Dog Health Insurance – All About Pet Dog Health Insurance Pet Dog Health Insurance Primer – Article discusses types of pet health insurance, costs of pet health insurance, things to consider when purchasing pet health insurance and offers alternatives to pet insurance. Types of Dog Insurance – What Type of Dog Insurance Plan is …

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Dog Health Food

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Dog Breed Health Problems

If you are thinking about buying a purebred puppy from a reputable dog breeder, it’s helpful to understand dog breed health problems. Some breeds of dog are very healthy and are prone to very few health issues, while other dog breeds can be a different story. In this section of our dog health information site, …

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