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About Finding a Reputable Affenpinscher Breeder

Finding the right Affenpinscher breeder from whom to purchase a puppy is as important a decision as your choice in the Affenpinscher dog breed for your family. It’s extremely important to locate a breeder that is knowledgeable about the Affenpinscher dog breed, highly selective in their breeding program (breeding only healthy, sound, conformationally correct dogs of good temperament to other like dogs in an effort to produce exceptionally beautiful, healthy and even- tempered puppies).

What is a reputable Affenpinscher Breeder?

  • A responsible breeder will screen their breeding dogs for any health concerns that are prevalent in the breed, and ensure that dogs are health prior to breeding.
  • A responsible Affenpinscher breeder will obviously love their dogs and treat them as members of the family, providing their Affenpinscher dogs and puppies with plenty of love, attention, companionship, exercise, play and socialization, in addition to good quality nutrition and regular veterinary care.
  • A responsible Affenpinscher breeder will be careful and selective about those with whom puppies will be placed. They’ll want to know about you and your family living situation, financial resources, daily schedule and the environment in which you intend your puppy to live.
  • A responsible Affenpinscher breeder wants to ensure that their puppies are placed in the very best homes possible.

Learn More About Affenpinscher Dogs and Puppies

Want to learn more about the Affenpinscher dog breed before bringing a puppy into your home? Learn about Affenpinscher dogs including Affenpinscher history, appearance, Affenpinscher health, temperament, Affenpinscher training, exercise needs, grooming needs and more, to help you decide if the Affenpinscher is the right dog breed for you and your family.

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