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Dogs and Puppies Central is an online resource about all breeds and types of dogs and puppies. We offer a wealth of information about dog breeds, puppy breeds, choosing a dog, small dog breeds, tiny teacup (tea cup) dog breeds and large (extra large giant) dog breeds.

Learn about adopting a dog, find local dog rescues and research common dog health problems. Want to learn how to make homemade dog treats and kibble? We’ve got you covered. You’ll also find suggestions for cool dog names, puppies for sale by reputable local dog breeders and dogs for adoption throughout the USA and Canada.

Drop in daily for a break from the daily grind. Our photos of funny dogs, cute dogs and puppies and other dog pictures are sure to make you smile. And don’t forget our growing section featuring the most popular dog supplies with reviews. Buy online and save up to 40% off retail prices on all of your dog or puppy’s needs.

Photo showing a giant breed dog (great dane) looking down at a couple of small breed dog's (chihuahuas)

Different dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes

Dog Breeds Information

There are so many different types of unique puppy dog breeds. Our complete a-z list of breeds of dogs, includes types of dogs and puppies, puppy dog breeds with pictures and more. We’ve included the name of almost every dog breed available in the USA and Canada.

Dog Pictures

Our Dog Pictures gallery offers a growing collection of user submitted photos of their puppies and dogs – all breeds and mixed breeds, from all over the USA and Canada.

Dog News

Dogs make the news all around the globe. We bring you the stories that make the dog news every day.

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Dogs For Adoption

Whether you want to adopt a puppy – or an older dog, finding dogs and puppies needing homes just got a whole lot easier! We offer a complete directory of dog adoption shelters throughout the USA and Canada.

Dog Shelters and Rescues

Find the dog shelter nearest you, or search for a specific breed, such as shih tzu puppies for adoption using our a-z dog adoption guide. You’ll find places to adopt a puppy, and everything you need to know about dog and puppy adoptions.

Dog Breeders Directory

If you are looking for a purebred or designer puppy to add to your family, the only source from which you should get your puppy is from a reputable dog breeder. Never buy a puppy at a pet store, or from someone offering more than 4 breeds.

Pet stores source the puppies they sell from puppy mills, and anyone who has more than 3 breeds of dog in their program is a puppy mill, or at the very least, a backyard breeder.

Dogs and Puppies Central is proud to offer our growing directory of responsible dog breeders offering healthy, home raised puppies for sale to approved homes.

Dog Care

Learn how to take care of puppies and dogs through our growing collection of dog care tips and articles.

Dog Nutrition

What you feed your dog every day can make a huge difference to their health and lifespan. Our section on dog nutrition offers information on how often, how much, and what to feed your dog to ensure his or her well-being.

Dog Health

Just like us, dogs can suffer from a wide range of health problems. Our dog health problems guide offers information about dog symptoms, and links to the most reliable online resources about dog health and well-being.

Learn about everything from heart failure in dogs to parvo and hip dysplasia. You’ll find information – and hope – right here.

Puppy Training

Dog Groomers

Cute dog wearing a dog bandana

Dog Supplies

Shop online and save! We bring you the best selection of discount dog beds, dog toys, dog collars, Frontline Plus For Dogs, dog crates, dog doors, dog lover gifts, dog clothes and more.

Everything we offer comes with’s iron-clad guarantee and return policy, with fast and convenient to-your-door delivery within days! You’ll save time, money and mileage on your feet or car by shopping online for your dog supplies right here.

Dog Names

Our complete dog and puppy names guide offers male, female, girl and boy dog names, dog names by breed and more.

Our popular, cool, cute, unusual and unique dog (puppy) names are something that you won’t find anywhere else. By popular demand, we have also included German Shepherd dog names, famous dog names, Native American dog names, Disney dog names and more.

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