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Airedale Terrier Health Problems

Airedale Terrier Dog Health Issues and Concerns

Airedale terrier health problems are few and far-between. When compared to other breeds of dog. Airedale Terriers are very health. Airedales known for being healthy and hearty. They can ignore great pain in order to fulfill their duty to their masters.

The most common Airedale Terrier health problems that seem to bother the Airedale are Hip Displaysia and “itchy skin”

Itchy skin or canine dermatitis can be caused by sensitivities to food or shampoos. Itchy skin can also be a result of excitement or mental problems. If your Airedale Terrier should chew at himself or scratch a lot, it’s a good idea to have any odd behavior checked by your local veterinarian. Your vet can help you find out the reason for your dog’s behavior. Together, you can come up with a solution that will prevent further bothersome itching and scratching.

Hip Dysplasia is a debilitating condition affecting the dogs’ hips and ability to move his hind legs. In the past, Hip Dysplasia was often a death sentence for an otherwise healthy puppy. Thankfully, modern veterinary medicine offers surgical treatments that can greatly help reduce pain and increase mobility.

Additional Resources About Airedale Terrier Health Problems

When it comes to avoiding Airedale Terrier health problems, your best bet is finding an exceptional Airedale Terrier breeder.  Look for a breeder who knows a lot about the breed and any Airedale Terrier health concerns. A responsible breeder will make sure that all of the dogs in her breeding program are tested and cleared for Hip Dysplasia. Early socialization is what sets the foundation for a dog with an even personality and temperament. Make sure your breeder home raises her Airedale puppies with lots of love and gentle handling. If you follow these suggestions, you have a much better chance of buying a sound, healthy puppy that is free of common Airedale Terrier health problems.


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